Our carriages are specially made for competition, training and leisure. We use state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship manufacturing to maximize the performance, speed, and safety. Whether you use it for pleasure, training, or competition, Champion carriage will be the finest carriage you'll ever own.

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Champion Carriage offers full line custom made leather harness and accessories.  Customers need to measure each equine to have all measurements recorded into Custom Harness Order form 
Champion Carriage  harnesses are professionally made in US with outstanding  quality control and years and  years of industrial experiences. Following are the basic harness sets for customers to choose from.
After you find ouit the type of  harness, you need to get the following  6 basic measurements from your equine. And record all the measurements into the Custom Harness Order Form.  Submit your order. We will take care of the rest. 
1.  Measure from bit to bit, from one corner of mouth on one side over the head behind ears to corner of mouth on the other side. Put this measurement into Custom Harness Order form measurement 1, shown mesuring diagram in organge color.

2. Secondly, Measure Noseband, complete circumference 1.5" down from cheek bone. Then record this measurement into Custom Harness Order form the 2nd Measurement, measuring diagram in green color.

3. Next measure Breast Collar,  from shoulder back on one side horizontally go over the chest to the same spot on the other side of the equine.  Shown with pink color in measuring diagram.

4 Then, measure girth.  Measure a complete circumference of your equine's girth at saddle position and record the number into Custom Harness Order form. Shown with blue color in measuring diagram.

5. The fifth measuremnt is from center saddle point all the way to the top point of tail. Record this measurement into the Custom Harness Order form. Measuring steps shown in red. 

6. Last one is to measure the Breech set.  Measure from the  stifle-flank joint spot on one side to the same sopt on the other side horizontally go over equine's back thighs.  Record the measurement into the Custom Harness Order form.  Shown with purple color in measuring step diagram. 
Note: If you order for pair or team equines, You have to measure and record your equine one by one. The Custom Harness Order form has an equine name row. You need to use your equine's name for each order pleased, thus will reduce the mistakes and confusion.  Order Custom Harness? Please click here