Our carriages are specially made for competition, training and leisure. We use state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship manufacturing to maximize the performance, speed, and safety. Whether you use it for pleasure, training, or competition, Champion carriage will be the finest carriage you'll ever own.

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Elite Single Model 404
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Available in Black or Navy
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CDE Elite Single Model 405 
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Elite Lite Single Model 403 in stock now
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Single Marathon Carriage with Solid wheels side view
Single Marathone Front View
Single Carriage Driver's Seat Adjustable System
Single Marathon
Single Carriage Hydraulic Brake Pads and Stainless Steel Disc
Single Carriage Front Wheel Suspension
Single Carriage Hydraulic Brake System
Single Marathon Carriage with Precision Steeling System
Single Carriage Cut-Under Tight Turn Radius
Single Marathon Fifth Wheel Steering Tension/Brake  Control  Knob
Single Marathon Steering System
Single Marathon Carriage Brake Locking Switch for Parking on Sloped Driveway
Single Marathon Carriage Solid Steel Rims
Single Marathon Carriage Front Wheel Suspension
Single Carriage Extension Shaft

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Solid. Dependable. Stable. Comfortable. These are just some of the words that our customers use to describe Champion carriages.  Our single horse Marathon carriages are carefully designed with the highest quality materials built. Each of them is hand-crafted by master craftsman to produce top of the line quality for your driving and competition needs. Here with Champion Carriage, you get the best quality without breaking the bank. Our prices are very competitive in the whole industry We incorporated newest technology available to equip our carts with more valuable features such as hydraulic braking system with stainless steel discs, controlled turning system and mirrored leaf spring suspensions Single horse marathon carriages provided by Champion Carriage can be used for both competition, training,  practicing and pleasure riding in any course field conditions.

Standard features with tons of upgrades included for single horse Marathon carriages!

Model CC-S400:  (Single horse Marathon cart with rear wheel hydraulic disk brakes, without delayed steering mechanism)  Place an Order

Model CC-S600:  (Single horse Marathon cart with front and rear wheel hydraulic disk brakes, with delayed steering mechanism installed . Please call or email to get a quote) Send a quote request by email

Color Scheme & Upholstery   (for horse drawn carriages)

  • Color scheme: dark blue with silver trim, other options: black-silver, burgundy-silver, etc.
  • Upholstery: black genuine leather, Custom color available with additional price.

  • Made out of solid steel  (A structural standard for Champion Carriage)


  • Elliptic or Mirrored Leaf Spring Suspension provides 2X shock impact absorption capacity that guarantees the smoothest ride and minimizes hazardous conditions in any kind of competition field.

(for horse drawn carriages)
  • Track width (wheel side-to-side) 50.5", wheel center-to-center 47.5", wheel diameter 23" or 25' pneumatic tires, wheel/tire width/thickness 3"

    Optional for solid wheel/tire to replace pneumatic wheels

  • Solid wheels are made out of Aluminum alloy with rubber tire, tire width 2”
  • Solid wheel/tire size in diameter:   18.5" (45cm); 21.5" (55cm);  25.5”(65cm),  29.5”(75cm), 33.5"(85cm), 37.5(95cm), 39.5"(100cm) (additional price $375 - $775/pair depending on size)

  • Cut-under turning table (the 5th wheel) makes even the tightest turns possible.
  • The 5th wheel brake controls tension to reduce unstable swing motions in high speed down hill driving.

  • Reliable shaft connection to splinter bar
  • Adjustable extension poles to fit most sizes of horses and ponies

  • Rear wheel hydraulic brake with stainless steel discs
  • Single brake peddle
  • Hydraulic locking valve parking brake installed

Seats (for horse drawn carriages)
  • Drivers seat 3-way adjustable: height, back-forward, side-side
  • Back and side padded rails on seat provides for a secure ride
  • Driver Seat height from ground: 54"
  • Passenger seat height from ground: 46"
  • Double front seat and double rear seat

Other feature and upgrades (may or may not be included)
  • Adjustable pole length to fit a pony or horse
  • Interchangeable shaft connection structure (Single to Pair)
  • Back step extension
  • Lamp brackets, Whip holder
  • Accessory pouches in the back seat and cell phone pocket on drivers side

Weight & Dimensions   (Single horse Marathon Carriage)
  • Weight bearing 980 lbs
  • Vehicle length: 88"
  • Net weight 525lb,
  • Shipping weight 610lb, shipping dimensions 96"x56"x72"

Price for CC-S400  $6990.00 FOB Acworth, GA   

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