Our carriages are specially made for competition, training and leisure. We use state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship manufacturing to maximize the performance, speed, and safety. Whether you use it for pleasure, training, or competition, Champion carriage will be the finest carriage you'll ever own.

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Equine height and cart height need to be matched as a concern in 2 wheel carts more than that in 4 wheel carts.  2 wheel carts more or less will put weight on to equines.  Un-balanced (center of gravity) cart will badly effect an equine performance and endurance.  There are may factors to cause two wheel cart un-balanced. We can avoid some of these problems by shaping of shaft and by choosing size of wheels.  Properly shape shaft curve to compensate  un-balanced cart. Wheel size can help match the carts height to equine height. See following charts:


Equine and cart heights are not matched. It may cause off balance and can be corrected by changing wheel size to achieve better matching position as well as improve driving balance. 

Improper shape of shaft may also cause two wheel cart in un-balance situation. Properly shaped shaft may help compensate an un-matching height driving equipment and have the center of gravity balanced. 

4 wheel carts, like Marathon, equines bare very little weight from shaft and cart.  shaft swing up and down will match plainty equine sizes.  To choose a height of 4 wheeled carriage depending on  purpose and equine size: Pleasure driving-riding, choose a higher carts. It means large wheel size or high seat carriage  will make pleasure driving more fantastic.  If it is for Dressage driving, you have to check the rulls with FEI and associated standards.  If it is Marathon, try to stay low to have low center of gravity in high speed driving competitions.  We have a chart to suggest cart height, wheel size are associated  to equine heights. Please see the chart
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