Our carriages are specially made for competition, training and leisure. We use state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship manufacturing to maximize the performance, speed, and safety. Whether you use it for pleasure, training, or competition, Champion carriage will be the finest carriage you'll ever own.

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Two Wheel Buggies
Model # CC-2200

Champion Carriage supplies top quality two wheel horse drawn buggies for horse carriage driving and riding customers. All our two wheel carts or two wheel buggies are carefully designed and made with the highest quality materials. Each of them is carefully hand-crafted by master craftsman to produce top of the line for customer driving needs. Here with Champion Carriage, you get the best without breaking the bank. Our price is very competitive. We guarantee our products and stay behind each one of them delivered. We adapt any possible available technology to equip our two wheel carts and buggies for more valuable features. Our two wheel carts can be used for competition, training, practicing and pleasure riding.

Model CC-2200 (Two wheel horse drawn buggies)

Standard features with lots of upgrades included!

Color Scheme & Upholstery  (Champion Carriage)

  • Dark blue with silver trim, other options: black-silver, burgundy-silver, etc.
  • Upholstery: black genuine leather, other colors available with additional price.

Body (Champion Carriage)
  • Made of steel with careful design for reduced weight and maximum strength.

Seats  (Two wheel buggies)
  • Bench seat (accommodates 1-3 people)
  • Back and side padded rails on seat provides for a secure sitting

Wheels  (Champion Carriage)
  • Track width wheel side-to-side 49.5", wheel center-to-center 47.5", supplied with pneumatic wheels, diameter 23" or 25" optional, pneumatic tire width 3". 

      Option for solid wheels:  

  • Aluminum alloy rim, spokes and hub,
  • Solid wheel size in diameter:  21.5" (55cm) 25.5"(65cm), 29.5"(75cm), 33.5" (85cm),  37.5" (95cm),  39.5"(100cm)  tire width: 2"
  • Solid wheels cost additionally from $375- $775.00/pair depending on sizes.

Suspension and Shock Absorption
  • Coil Spring Suspension  
  • Great shock absorption designed for comfortable rides

  • Disc Brake System w/ Stainless Steel Discs
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Brake peddle

  • Amounted shaft with a pair of extension poles

Other feature and upgrades (included)
  • Adjustable pole length to fit differently sized animals.
  • Lamp and whip brackets
  • Wheels have dirt covers

Weight & Dimensions
  • Weight bearing 600 lbs
  • Vehicle length: 60"
  • Net weight 250lb,
  • Gross wight with driver(s) and passenger(s): 850
  • Gross shipping weight 330lb, shipping dimensions 66"x54"x52"

Price: $2495.00 FOB Acworth, GA