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Equine (drafts, horses, ponies, cobs, and miniatures etc) size or height is a concern to many carriage drivers. It matters to safety and healthy driving progress. Miss-matched  animal size and vehicle size could result terrible consequences. Ruin a good driving horse's performances. To avoid sizing problems, equine owners need to find out the animal's height or size for a particular driving discipline or program. Please refer to "how to measure your horse" video below. Then to find an adequate matched vehicle in terms of size, height, weight and functionality.   

Following is a simple video shows you how to measure and calculate the size or height of your horse(s)

General Guide to Sizing is listed below:
Draft Horses:  Over 16.0h
Standard Horse:  14.3h - 16.0h
Cob or Arab:  12.3h - 14.3h
Large Pony: 12.0h -13.0h
Small Pony:  10.2h - 12.0h
Shetland Pony: 8.5h - 10.2h (42" - 48")
Mini Horse:  under 8.5h (34")  
Equines are  measured by hands, inches, or centimeters in different countries and areas. Here is an table to convert all measuring units and referred to certain equines sizes ( for reference only)

   HANDS (H)          INCHES ( " )         CENTIMETERS (cm)        EQUINE TYPE 

       7.0H             28"                71             Small Shetlands   

       8.0H             32"                81            
Small Shetlands
       8.1H             33"                84             Small Shetlands

       8.2H             34"                87   Miniature/S.Shetlands
       8.3H             35"                89   Miniature/M. Shetlands   
       9.0H             36"                91   Miniature/M. Shetlands  
9.1H             37"                94   Miniature/M.Shetlands             9.2H             38"                97   Miniature/M.Shetlands 
9.3H             39"                99   Miniature /M.Shetlands       
      10.0H            40"               102      Large Shetlands
      10.1H            41"               104      Large Shetlands
      10.2H            42"               107      Large Shetlands
10.3H            43"               109      Large Shetlands

      11.0H            44"         112 Small Ponies / L. Shetlands    
      11.1H            45"         114  
Small Ponies / L. Shetlands 
      11.2H            46"         117  
Small Ponies / L. Shetlands 
11.3H            47"         119              Small Ponies  

      12.0H            48"               122              Small Ponies
      12.1H            49"              
Small Ponies      
      12.2H            50"               127              Small 
      12.3H            51"               130            Medium Ponies

      13.0H             52"              132             Medium Ponies

      13.1H             53"              135             Medium Ponies
      13.2H             54"              137             Medium Ponies

      13.3H             55"              140               Large Ponies

      14.0H             56"              142               Large Ponies          
      14.1H             57"              145              
Large Ponies
      14.2H             58"              147       
Cobs / Large Ponies
      14.3H             59"              150             
Cobs / Horses

      15.0H             60"              152             
Cobs / Horses 
      15.1H             61"              155             
Cobs / Horses 
      15.2H             62"              157                  
      15.3H             63"              160

      16.0H             64"              162             
      16.1H             65"              165             
      16.2H             66"              167             
      16.3H             67"              170

      17.0H             68"              172             
      17.1H             70"              175             
      17.2H             71"              177                    
      17.3H             72"              180                    

Above Chart is for reference only.  
Allowed Competition Equines' Heights
(1) Legal Height Considered as a Horse: 
      Equines' Height is Over 14.2H  or >148cm unshod, >149cm shod
      or  >58.0"  
(2)  Legal Height Considered as a Pony (Large Ponies)
       Equines' Heights are Over 12.2H or > 137cm unshod, >138 shod,
       or  >54"  but equal or lower then 14.2H, or 137cm or 54"
       Note: some competition rules may consider Large Ponies into
       two groups: Large Ponies  and  Medium Ponies . Large
       Ponies heights are from 12.3H to 14.2H and Medium Ponies
       heights are from 12.0H to 12.2H. 
(3) Legal Height Considered as a  Small Pony (Small Ponies)
      Equine Heights are over 9.3H or > 99cm, or >39".  but equal and
      lower then 12.2H.
Some equines' heights are lower then 14.2H could be entered as Horses only when registered with their breeds' names.  Such as  Arabian, Morgan,  etc.
Equines' heights are lower than 9.3H or 39" or 99cm have no recognition for legal competitions.  But there are plenty local and reginal special driving competitions and shows do accept equines under 9.3H or 39" height.
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