Our carriages are specially made for competition, training and leisure. We use state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship manufacturing to maximize the performance, speed, and safety. Whether you use it for pleasure, training, or competition, Champion carriage will be the finest carriage you'll ever own.

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We have the mini-carts in stock now :-)
Champion Carriage supplies two wheel carts for miniature horses and small ponies. Two wheel buggies has 3 wheel sizes from 16", 19" and 22".  This two wheel mini cart is perfect for pleasure driving with Shetland ponies and miniature horses.   We put safety in the first place. Each of  mini-cart is equipped with a set of hydraulic braking discs.  The carts provided by Champion Carriage are sturdy, dependable, and comfortable for the driving. The cart is absolutely a great gift for kids and young adults to play with their beloved animals.

The cart is packed in a metal crate and you need to do a final assembling to put it together. The assembling is very easy, we will provide the assembling instruction with the shipment and let you know each steps of assembling the cart.   


Two wheel Mini-Cart Spec:

Model:  Mini-Min, Mini-Mid, Mini-Max

In Stock Now

Cart Height: 40" ~ 46";

Cart Width: 42"

Seat Height: 32" ~ 36"  (Mini-Mini 32", Mini-Mid 34", Mini-Max 36")

Cart Weight: 145 ~ 165lbs

Shaft Length: 36" plus extensions poles 

Shaft extension poles 36" (adjustable length: 12")

Pneumatic Tire  Size optional : 16"-Mini-Mini,  18" Mini-Mid,  22" Mini-Max.  Tire width 2.5"  

An easy and light assembling is required at buyer's site for putting it together.  A PDF assembling guide can be down load from below

Body: Solid Steel

Brake: Hydraulic disk brake

Suspension: Spring

A sizeable the undercarriage (under seat compartment) for carry or store stuffs

Color: Option: Black, Burgundy, Navy

Upholstery Color: Black

Baring Load: 725lbs




   Mini-Mini:  $1595    (Color-Qty : Black-6, Burgundy-2, Navy-2 )

   Mini-Mid   $1655    (Color-Qty:  Black-6, Burgundy-2, Navy-2 )

   Mini-Max  $1698    (Color-Qty:  Black-6, Burgundy-2, Navy-2 )


Questions: please call 770-529-8899 or Email us at your at your convenience.


Promotion NowFREE SHIPPING :) Order now, get free shipping to any where inside of the continental USA.

Canada, Alaska, Hawaii will have a freight quote first and customers will receive 1/2 freight kick-back


Gross Shipping Weight: 250lbs Volume: 48"L x 40"W x 34"H


Freight Shipping :  $299.00 - $399.00 depending on the locations and zip codes 

Please give us a call to check  the shipping. Thank you! 

Please also check other possible promotion available from time to time, such as buy more than one deal, free shipping deal, etc.